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JS-Coating mug with spoon brown for sublimation

Blank mug for printing
A mug with the pink interior and spoon
Capacity: 330 ml
Size: Ø 82 x H 100 mm
Suggested printing area: 190 x 50 mm
Minimum order: one mug
Full box contains: 36 pcs

Kód: EU-JS029

Dostupnosť: info@signexpert.sk


A white, ceramic mug with the brown interior and spoon, JS Coating (check the difference from other types of mugs), coated with a layer of polyester, for sublimation printing. Minimum order: one mug.


JS Coating is a patented sublimation coating based on white (non-transparent) varnish that gives the mug a perfect white colour and maximum hardness, which visibly improves the quality of the printed design.
It is a top-quality product compared to dishwasher-safe sublimation mugs available on the market.


  • Capacity: 330 ml 
  • Height: 100 mm
  • Diameter: 82 mm
  • Full box contains: 36 pcs


JS Coating is a trade mark reserved for Best Sublimation Group and Best Sublimation's agents in over 200 countries.

















180°C / 356°F



120-180 seconds
12-15 minutes
12-15 minutes






We recommend buying in packs of 72 pieces, as the shipping cost of one carton is the same as two. To the package 72 pieces in the price of one shipping can be purchased. One package can hold (or fit) 72 pieces of mugs and also some smaller items such as mug boxes, puzzles, pillowcases etc of a total weight not exceeding 10 kg.


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